Ready to Wear S/S 2021

“Like everyone else, naturally, I was also affected by the current world situation. I was thinking and reflecting a lot and found comfort in familiar scenarios and aesthetics. After all these ongoing hardships, I realized that it was crucial for me to stay true to myself and created a collection, which follows all the principles that are so important to me, such as being risky, sexy, masculine and strong.

I found inspiration in the surroundings and objects that have been with me for whole my life. They are a part of me and bring calmness and comfort to me. This inspiration includes everything, such as childhood memories, jewelry pieces and more.

The materials I used for the latest collection were mostly cotton and viscose consisting. We tried our best to have an eco-friendly collection (taking into consideration the current world economic situation and crisis).

Another important topic that I would like to cover is that for this collection, I didn’t take into account any of the current tendencies and wasn’t influenced by any decade – I just gave myself a total freedom to create pieces that would have some of my signature touch to them (such as asymmetric and futuristic details, bustier, corsets, sleeves, etc.). It is noteworthy, that unlike my previous collection, this time, I decided to change up the details a little bit, for example, instead of buttons I decided to use hooks. This kind of small details always make me happy.”

Jewelry S/S 2021

“My jewelry collection is a really personal journey for me. For that reason, the words combination that pops up when talking about it, is remembering old, embracing it, replaying and redoing it my way.

When I was a kid, there was a jewelry fabric in Soviet Georgia, which produced very unique “rope” chain necklaces, that would be distributed all across other Soviet republics. This rope necklace served as a huge inspiration for my jewelry collection. I experimented with it and tried to recreate it in more modern way. This line is all about massive, eye-catching pieces and geometrical shapes that I sketched.

Another important part of my jewelry collection is a pendant, which was actually inspired by a very old pendant that has been with me for whole my life. I liked to hold it in my hand and always imagined it having a little sphere to play with. Touching and feeling objects is really calming and therapeutical experience for me, so in other words, apart from visual satisfaction, I wanted to add physical one too.

This collection consists of six pieces, namely, two pendants (small, medium), rope necklace, buckle necklace, scarf pearled choker and earrings. I feel like each and everyone can find something personal and appealing in these pieces”.

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Download Linesheet

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