AVTANDIL SS21 collection presentation consists of a video featuring the theme ‘Any Form Of Flash Turns Against Itself As A Reinvention’ which reflects the symbolism of white tones and the character of a new palette as an interaction with the world.

The idea came effortlessly when one returned to his long-forgotten work – oil painting.

Began to make brush strokes across a blank canvas, turning his vision into shapes and forms.

He came to understand how Ink drops shaped humans of his visual perception.

Uprising a cargo of prisoners that went free and fully adolescent to the new world.

Each take is a new small universe. When a new light comes, the roots of the unknown are touched and a new outbreak arises. To be comforted by newness, one must follow the radiance that dwells within him. What role does a pile of cloth in everyday life? What comes through to the surface? A way to stir the old and perceive new emotional energy in a minimalist form.

Decide what to desire in an aesthetic consciousness, out of the framework.

The world is so deeply rooted that people do not realize that these are beliefs, and accept them, but the absolute truth begins on a new page.

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