Experiments have always been part of the ANOUKI brand throughout the years – in terms of construction, fabrication, or communication. But now, more than ever we feel the settlement that is exposed in our latest collections – especially this season.

It’s the collection made with the least fabric variations than we ever had, we did re-use some of our stock materials – would this be wool, cotton, or vegan leather, we have re-issued some of our previous season’s styles (which have more of a timeless appeal) and of course, there is a touch of sparkle that we can’t do without. Tailoring carries the masculine silhouette, while dresses and shirts are ultra-feminine and they do balance each other.

This is a (smaller than usual) collection that we think is very adequate for the current times. More than ever, we feel that it’s a time to create something that lasts longer, that keeps you coming back again and the clothes from ANOUKI’s Spring and Summer collection carry this particular message.

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