ANKA KOIAVA – 19 years old. Studies in Visual Arts, Architecture and Design School (VA[A]DS) in Free University of Tbilisi with concentration of Interior Design. Her first connection with the fashion industry began with modeling, but currently she is more interested in the creative side of the industry. Sharing her views, knowledge and experience in design, styling and social media in RECKLESS.

LIZA KAJRISHVILI – 19 years old. Studies at VA[A]DS university in Tbilisi, degree of painting . She is the member of the group connected to Reckle$$. Her thoughts, emotions are perfectly revealed in her works.. Creativity and active imagination is one of the main habits for her. Since childhood she has had passion for design and fashion.

MASU MTSARIASHVILI –  19. Currently working as a clothing designer and a photographer. While studying visual arts and design in (VA[A]DS) Free University of Tbilisi she discovered her love for fashion through photography. contributing to artistic development of RECKLESS by combining her passions of styling, videography, photography and design.

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