“Dreams of Concrete Town“ is one more noisy social campaign of the brand “KOMBINIZONA”, founded by Innovative Sewing Factory, which was translated into new collection under the creative direction of Gano Melitauri. 33 years old designer & entrepreneur from Georgia is film director by initial profession and she has MA in innovations. She sketches from childhood. Gano has 4 kids and already owns as Co- Founder Innovative Sewing Factory “ISF GEORGIA” with Kakhaber Gagnidze.

Company champions innovations and inclusion into Georgian fashion industry since 2017. Absolutely all models are made according to Gano melitauri large-scale scientific research “Color perception, Myths, Conclusions and Recommendations” (Master’s Thesis of the University of Warsaw in 2016). Looks made with different cocktails of colors have no analogues in either Europe or America, and the main slogan “Color Architecture for Happiness” – is actively justified EU support since 2020.

First and only brand of adaptive (for PWD) and maternity clothes in Georgia and the Caucasus. Each Capsule – collection has a strong social message and expresses different problems.