Born in Georgia, educated in Tbilisi, London and Moscow, Dalood Group founder and CEO, Maka Kvitsiani grew up in a multicultural environment. After moving back to Tbilisi from London , where she had spent early teenage years , her mother decided to form a boutique atelier – Dalood. Here, she discovered her deep attachment to fashion and started taking drawing and design classes, and participated in various fashion projects ( BeNext, XXI Century Georgia). However, at that time, fashion only seemed like a hobby , so she chose to study Tourism Management while working part time at Dalood. Being fortunate enough to witness and participate in the formation of a start-up fashion brand, Maka attained invariable experience and developed business skills that are essential for every creative director, For that reason, she credits much of her success to her early days . In 2003, still in search for her real career, Maka made a leap from tourism to diplomacy and enrolled in a masters program of International Affairs in Diplomatic Academy , Moscow, Russia. In 2006, After successfully completing her studies, she decided to take some time off and spent more time with her family and kids. Years later, Maka , decided to build up her career in fashion, attended courses (Fashion Marketing, Brand Management, Fashion Styling and Trends) in Central Saint Martins College, London and soon after she opened a cult boutique in Moscow – Dalood, which sold only Georgian designer clothes, what led to discovering , curating and developing brands for new comer designers and establishing their operational and organisational strategies, for all of which Maka was fully responsible. Consequently, from day one, Dalood has contributed greatly to the development of the fashion industry in Georgia and continues to do so to this day. Since joining Dalood in 2013, Maka decided to boost the brand by exploiting its strongest resources , such were Dalood’s long history of masterful tailoring and design and its excessively experienced team of professionals and their impeccable needlework. Therefore, today, an atelier consisting of 15 full-time staff is mostly famous for its high quality, handmade embroidery and craftsmanship. Aside from her career, Maka is raising three beautiful boys. Even though juggling family and a full time job is challenging, she is happy with her achievements that so far she has established a cool, “go to” brand that never fails its customers and always meets their high expectations.