Avtandil Tskvitinidze is one of the pioneers in Georgian fashion scene. The definition of feminity has been a trademark of designers in unpredictable ways since 2000s. Avtandil an artist himself, gives each collection a unique meaning. Over the years his muses have been different eras, cultures and iconic women of his visual perception. The designer has four stores in Tbilisi and one in Batumi.

Avtandil first steps in fashion are linked with the Avant-garde festival in 1995, where the designer first presented his collection – a mixture of fine arts and contemporary fashion. The same year he graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. In 2000, The brand Avtandil was established, which has been followed by the first store and fashion house. Besides presenting his collections in his home country, he also participated in several fashion weeks across the globe. Avtandil held personal shows in Paris, London, Rome, Monte Carlo etc.
At the present time, Avtandil has two clothing lines – the classy and casual one.

Besides fashion, He entered to a field of new interests – Furniture and interior design. And also returned to his well-forgotten work on oil painting.
Current SS21 collection of Avtandil is successfully presented in Milan showroom.

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