Hard times call for strong decisions.  In difficult times, a person turns to his inner self, to the sources of inner strength.  The dragon has become for the designer a symbol of inner energy, endless wisdom and inspiration for a new collection.

 “We cannot influence external circumstances, we cannot change this endlessly changing world.  But we can transform our attitude and accept it as it is.”  YB

 Transformation is at the heart of the Yana Besfamilnaya brands DNA.  From collection to collection, the designer rethinks and finds new facets in this concept.

 In this collection, a significant part is devoted to the Upcycle history.  Where the brand’s team has transformed over 40 pairs of denim leftovers into brand new and unique pieces.

 The main story of the brand remains the same.  Uncompromising femininity, bold color solutions, transformer garments, mix of styles and light irony

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