Aka Nanita collection, created for Spring / Summer 2020-2021, is saturated with a variety of details and accessories. The collection combines new ideas of the designer and various elements characteristic of the brand which are manifested in different variations throughout the existence of the brand.

Spring/ Summer 2020-2021 For Aka Nanita, the woman is still gentle, charming, but at the same time strong. A designer draws lines through fabrics, of diversity of female character, silhouettes and embroidery. The collection was created to enhance a woman’s finesse and individuality.

The collection features many classic silhouette garments: dresses, bottoms – blouses and jackets. Each look will be adorned with the appropriate accessory, be it a bag, shoes or a belt.
The designer used her favorite guipure, tapestry and silk fabrics to create the collection.

Aka Nanita does not betray herself this time either and uses a lot of embroidery, which distinguishes her from other brands, because every handmade embroidery is innovative.

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